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The IG Audit

What is it?

The IG Audit is a 90-minute, one-to-one zoom (or phone call, if you prefer) where I will review and audit your Instagram account - looking at ways you can improve your brand perception, customer centricity and your overall aesthetic. We will also look at ways in which you can find your ideal customers, configure a hashtag strategy and organically grow your very own community online. 

What's included?

Starting at the top with your bio, and profile optimisation

Your brand voice and message

Customer centricity - Where is your focus?

Your audience

Your content and ideas on what to share

Your overall grid aesthetic and ideas to make improvements

Your hashtag strategy and finding your ideal customers

Account maintenance


You will also receive a 'tailored to you" downloadable PDF workbook which will serve as your hard copy of the audit and reference guide.

Who is it for?

I created The IG Audit, predominantly for all women. in business - makers, creatives and personal brands who feel Instagram isn''t serving as it should.


Does this sound like you?


You're posting a mish-mash of content because you're not clear on what to share.


You don't know about boundaries, customer-centricity and how brand perception affects your business. 

You don't have a strategy for growth and you're aimlessly using the same hashtags with every post (or not using them at all).

You don't know how to find your ideal customers.

You aren't doing your Instagram maintenance.

The detail -

Once you register for The IG Audit (and receive confirmation), I will review your Instagram account and overall aesthetic "with a potential customers' eyes" and I'll leave no stone unturned.


After which time, we'll get together for our phone or zoom call, work through my comprehensive checklist and discuss ways in which you can identify your ideal customer, make tweaks and improvements, build on your strengths and fine-tune your weak spots. following the audit, you will move forward with Instagram serving your small business as the powerful, marketing tool that it should be. 

As part of the audit, you will receive a "tailored to you" downloadable workbook which will serve as a reference guide and hard copy of your new-found knowledge.

Here's how The IG Audit
has helped others - 

Samantha Abbott The Instagram Audit testimonials.jpg
"Within the scope of a single day, two of the right kinds of people engaged with me!" 

- Lieze Boshoff


"The IG Audit is an absolute must for anyone with an Instagram account that feels it needs a little TLC. With all the changes on Instagram coupled with the sheer work involved in just running my own day-to-day business, the finer points of my Instagram account got forgotten.


It is very easy to get to the stage where you can’t see the wood for the trees; my session with Samantha has really helped me refocus on my business ethos and branding. Like many businesses mine has evolved since I started and having a fresh pair of impartial eyes to see what could be done to keep it on track and in step with my intentions has been invaluable.


I have come away from our Instagram audit session with a comprehensive list of ideas, tips and tricks to give my account a much-needed spring clean. Samantha has a beautiful account that I love to follow so her advice and suggestions really resonated with me and have given me the confidence to implement some changes."

"I highly recommend Sam for anyone who is struggling with connecting to the right people on  Instagram. I was at a stalemate with my account, only reaching other makers and accounts that wanted to sell me things.


I implemented Sam’s recommendations right after we got off our call and I can honestly say that the insights Sam gave me - especially around a hashtag strategy and content - were absolutely invaluable in helping me move my account in the right direction. Within the scope of a single day, two of the right kinds of people engaged with me! 


Sam also truly cares about her clients. The format of the audit and the call is efficient, informative and filled with tons of practical information that’s easy to implement. She is also lovely to work with. It was an absolute delight working with Sam on this project, and I will definitely jump at another opportunity to enrol with her in the future".

"Finally, some advice that is actually useful! I've used Insta trainers/auditors before and never has anyone been so thorough and honest. So much so that I went away and made the recommended changes immediately. I now feel lighter as my process going forward will not only be more streamlined but leave more time for other parts of the business. I was posting up to twice a day and struggling with content, using a bit of a scattergun approach to try and catch anyone.


Now I understand that its quality over quantity and a few well-considered posts a week (to the right audience) are much more effective going forward. The beautifully presented audit report is printed and up in my workshop as the perfect reminder of what we discussed.

Thank you Sam for your candid approach, I wish I'd found you sooner".

I'd like to register for The IG Audit -What next?

If you'd like to go ahead and join me for The IG Audit please fill out the contact form with some detail about your Instagram pain points, and any specifics. I'll then be in touch to get things started. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch if you'd like to learn ore about the audit and whether it's the right choice for you.

The IG Audit is a 90-minute one-to-one Instagram strategy Zoom or phone call with myself -


In the first instance, please use the button below to tell me a little about your Instagram pain points and we we'll take it from there.

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