Does this sound like you?  

I've launched a new business online
but don't yet have the resources to invest in product photography.

I want to keep my photography in-house but I'm struggling with styling and compositional techniques. I'm not clear on how to create a setup and find good natural light. There's always something I'm just not happy with.

I'm not sure how many images I need per product or what size is appropriate for my chosen platform.

I'm a small business owner but I'm not clear on what style of imagery fits with my brand story or message.

I'm seeing my competitors consistent aesthetic but I can't figure out where I'm going wrong.

I want to create a beautiful, consistent aesthetic for my Instagram grid.

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What does CLARITY include?

A mini-tour of your camera settings and functions. How to use your camera or smartphone camera to its full potential.


The fun bit. It's time to put what you've learned so far into practice and get shooting. Learn how to perfect your set-up and compose your imagery. 



Discover your signature style with tried and tested activities to create that all-important, consistent look for your brand. Learn how to find the light, plan, and prepare for your DIY photoshoot.


Editing your imagery is essential, not only for consistency. but also, to ensure your products are clean and distraction-free. 


If have a question or query which isn't listed above, feel free to email


CLARITY for two is a one to one online workshop designed for those who prefer to work alone. Samantha will take you through her signature product styling workshop CLARITY in a step by step process to achieve the end goal - beautiful and consistent brand photography.

Samantha will also review your current website and/or social media imagery, offering advice and tips on how you can improve your general aesthetic. 

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  • Lifetime access to the workshop material

  • Two-week email support

  • Image review

  • Access to our private Facebook group


How long will CLARITY take to complete?

CLARITY is completely self-paced and designed to fit in around your busy life. You can power through it, or take your time, whatever works for you.

Will there be any live sessions?

Occasionally, but these informal lives won't form part of the workshop, rather they will be for the purpose of catching up with questions etc. However, If you prefer, you can watch the recordings whenever fits with you.

Will I have lifetime access to CLARITY?

Yes, you can access the workshop as often as you need to. Use it for reference, or to go over any of the lessons. All workshop material is downloadable, plus you'll have lifetime access to our CLARITY community on Facebook

Will help be on hand should I have a query?

When you join CLARITY you will have email support throughouot the workshop (business hours) and for a period of two-weeks thereafter. You will also have access to our private Facebook group where you can ask for help or advice.

How many students will be in my group?

A small number. No more than eight to ten. The CLARITY workshop is informal, fun and a relaxed place to learn. You will meet new people with similar interests and hopefully make a friend or two. If you prefer to work alone with Samantha, CLARITY for two (one to one) workshop may suit you better.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, of course. In the rare event that you find the workshop isn't for you, let us know within 24 hours of starting and you'll be fully refunded. Once refunded, you will no longer have access to the workshop or material. See T&Cs for more information.

What equpment do I need for the workshop?

You will need (preferabley a DSLR or mirrorless camera with either the kit lens or your go-to lens/lenses). However, you can use your smartphone if need be and learn some tips and tricks for your phone camera. It is also recommended that you have a tripod, but don't worry if not. You will learn how to mock up backdrops for your shoots so there is nothing else specifically required. If you have any further questions around equipment, please do drop an email to

Is there a CLARITY Facebook group?

Yes, as part of the CLARITY community you will be invited to join our private Facebook group to engage with and meet other members. You can also present your imagery to the group as you progress for some healthy, constructive critisism, if you so wish.


  • Lifetime access to the workshop material

  • Two-week email support

  • Access to our private Facebook group








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