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My inspiration comes from past decades, and I'm often found in vintage emporiums hunting for pearls and time-forgotten gems.

If a room filled with old memories gives rise to that heady feeling - that's where I'm happiest. 

Mother, wife, creative soul

 I grow flowers in summer for the love of them,  (also to photograph) and get fully invested in the nurturing process of spring gardening. Flowers and blooms feature heavily in the content I share and I'm forever inspired by petals.


I'm a Somerset dweller and live in a very small market town with my husband and teenage daughter. 


In 2016, after developing an interest in blogging I set about creating and launching my little blog The Beauty Spyglass. As with any creative interest, it evolves over time (and mainly for the better.) as it twists and turns becoming a unique journey of personal discovery.


As time passed I found myself in demand, and I began partnering with brands and offering product photography services via my business in 2018.


Whilst my product photography business is no longer,  I want to continue helping and inspiring small businesses and personal brands to realise that it is possible to learn those all-important video techniques. for a purposeful, polished and curated brand aesthetic.

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