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What is content photography and video?

Not product photography per se, content photography is a more strategic form of lifestyle photography/videography and forms part of the consistent brand "storytelling" aspect.

With the rise in trends for video content being shared on social media, it's pivotal to move with the times and nothing captivates more than curated and mindful, promotional video content around the products you sell online. 

Being consistent with your content is easier said than done, and coming up with endless ideas can be a frustration, especially when you're busy, or lack the resources needed to create exceptional content that elevates the perception of your brand online. 

Let's join forces 

As a lifestyle photographer with more than eight years experience in the content creation industry, I'm well versed on what works, and what doesn't. I'm also a videography educator and run an online course where students can learn how to create aesthetic, storytelling video.

With my experience and expertise, I'm well-placed to help you improve the overall look of your brand with dedicated and curated visuals.

If you require styling, photography/video services on location please do get in touch. 

I am currently offering small shoots of 10 final images £285 (Includes styling and editing)

If you'd like to discuss working with me, then please do contact me here and in the first instance, tell me a little more about your requirements.  

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