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Video content - 7 creative ways to market your small business

Updated: May 28

Video content marketing for small businesses

By now you should have recognised the value in sharing video content as part of a business growth strategy (it’s hard not to), but how do you come up with creative ways to use videos and reels within your business? (and not just for IG).

Did you know - people retain 95 per cent of what they see online when watching it on video.

Videos are everywhere, aren’t they? Spilling over from TikTok to Instagram, Facebook and beyond. Wherever you're looking online there will be video content in some form or another. Unless you live under a stone, you'd be hard-pushed to avoid it.

When Instagram launched “reels” in 2020 some jumped straight on it, figured it all out, and started sharing off-the-cuff videos right away. Go them.

Whilst video content tends to follow trends, my preference is captivating, storytelling-style videos which really speak to the viewer on a much deeper, emotional level and bring forth a multitude of subconscious processes within us that storytelling videos do so well. Why? because humans love a story.

However, in those earlier days, many were hesitant (myself included) to acknowledge this new form of content. It felt like Instagram was favouring and rewarding those who jumped on the reels bandwagon whilst actively encouraging the rest of us to get on board, and if not, our reach was significantly reduced.

Now two years on, video content is so prevalent, you'll need your reels and brand videos to stand out. To do so, it’s crucial that you improve the quality of your content.

If you're considering using video content to increase your reach online and grow your business, here are some creative ideas in which you can use video within your business.

01. Talk about your “why” - promote yourself as the face behind your brand

What inspires you, why you started, and what drives you to continue towards your North star. Customers love a brand with an interesting backstory and a short promotional video is a perfect way to engage their attention and give them more of what they like.

02. A video banner for your website

Stumbling upon a website featuring curated, moving imagery is joyful. It instantly suggests professionalism and engages your visitors both to learn more about your process, or what you have to offer AND keeps them on your website a little longer - increasing dwell time which Google likes (particularly if they feel inspired to watch it a couple more times - that’ll be me).

03. Share a video snippet of your creative process

There is something so engaging and organic about seeing creative hands at work, I adore it, mainly because I find hands themselves quite fascinating but isn’t it just wonderful to see behind the scenes? If a customer then purchases something you've lovingly made it becomes much more meaningful after having seen the process and story behind why it exists in the world.

04. A video ad for Instagram, or Facebook

I don’t know about you but nothing stops me in my scroll quicker than seeing a beautiful, cinematic advertorial video with titles - a story told in a unique way making it irresistible not to click through to a grid or website to learn more. If you're going to pay to boost a story or post, make it your best work.

05. Showcase your product or products

Never mind a picture is worth a thousand words, a video offers up much more visual information than a still image. Yes, we should keep the storytelling aspect (always) but a video allows us to see every angle and nuance that we might’ve otherwise missed when swiping through pictures. Plus, you could share footage of your product in use and record a descriptive voiceover which will serve to bolster your story.

06. An insight into your morning, or a snippet of the daily routine around your business

Could you inspire other small businesses with your productivity tips by sharing how you process, prepare and package your orders? Perhaps how you streamline your workload to make life a little easier.

07. Share some frequently asked questions, or a "how-to" tutorial about your products, or service

A great way to answer common questions about your products, ingredients or delivery times etc could be to create a video. I love putting a voice to the face and I'm sure others would love to hear you too. However, If you're not confident in talking on video, simply add some FAQ titles to your footage.

And just when you're thinking - well that's all easier said than done, there's the technical side of filmmaking to think about too. However, there is something to be said for taking the time to learn how incorporating certain creative elements that can take your video from “same as everyone else’s” to a unique and impactful mini-production to be proud of. Quality video content will elevate your brand aesthetic and customer perception - both of equal importance.

When I noticed so many small business owners fearful of creating video content, or, unsure of the "voice they should be creating in", I wanted to help.

Introducing Stories In Motion - a comprehensible e-book designed with small businesses and creatives online in mind. I've simplified the technicalities of filmmaking across four lessons and I've broken down the process so that you can fully understand it.

Whether you’re embracing video, or you’re still unsure about the process, Stories in Motion is a creative journey where you’ll immerse yourself in visualisation, and learn my simplified process of shooting and editing video using free, powerful editing software.

The lessons are all based on a need-to-know framework, so you won't be blinded by science or have hundreds of pages to trawl through. I've simplified the process for you.

I hope you've been inspired to join my community of budding filmmakers and to start sharing your own unique story.


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